Protocase Designer version 3.11 Features

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Protocase Designer version 3.11 Features

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Protocase Designer 3.11 Features

Protocase Designer is now available from the website! Here is a list of the new features available
  • Face color now reflects metal color
  • Preferences Panel
    • Metric
      • Can now select between Inches and Millimeters
    • Background and Face Editor background colors
    • Default directory for loading and storing case files
  • Metric PEMs fasteners have been added
  • Face editor has a tool to flip the position of cutouts and pems about the centerline
    • This is primarily to deal with any improper imports from previous versions
  • Face editor indicates the front or back for flat panels
  • More accurate estimates
  • Ability to ask for a custom powder coat color
  • Various other improvements to the program
The metric units is worth a second mention as this has been asked of us repeatedly. If the display units are set to millimeters then all the display measurements are in metric. Old boxes will still open up fine with no scaling issues, old cutouts can still be used. A new library of metric self clinching fasteners have been added to match the website

--Douglas Ronne
Lead Developer

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