Guides/rails for shelves

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Guides/rails for shelves

Post by xaviergm »

I would like to create a set of rails/guides on both sides of a case to insert PCBs or steel shelves against a backplane that would sit on the bottom of the case.
What would be the best way to do this in Designer? I thought about adding two additional panels (one to each side of the case) with bends. Those bends would form the rail/guide on each side.
Pretty much like in the image below.
Is something like this possible at all? It does not have to be exactly like in the picture, but to have the function of a rail/guide.
Thanks in advance!

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Re: Guides/rails for shelves

Post by mpyne »

Hello xaviergm,

You can create a bracket which you could slide a shelf between. Am thinking you will need to use sub assemblies though. Basically a sub-assemblies is assembly you can connect to other parts by welding or fasteners(Attaching sheetmetal parts). This allows some intrigant designs so you can probably create a rail guide.

If you are stuck using Protocase Designer you can try to give me more details on your design and I'll see what I can do. I would also like to point out Protocase has a team of engineers that can help you design what you are looking for. If you contact our sales team that can direct you to the proper people.

Tutorial on sub-assemblies url: ... ubassembly

Thanks and am interested if you are able to design rail guides. Maybe we can add rail guides to Protocase Designer as a standard template in the future.

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