Linux: Protocase Designer will not start.

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Linux: Protocase Designer will not start.

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Hello Everyone,

If you see "==== exception ====com.jogamp.opengl.GLExceptionProfile GL4bc is not available on X11GraphicsDevice" in your debug.0.log please try the following steps.(Debug log is usually located at /home/'username'/ProtocaseDesigner/')

1.) Make sure opengl and graphics card libraries are installed correctly.

2.) Test opengl is setup right.

install mess-utils
run glxinfo | grep '^direct rendering:'
if it comes back Yes atleast we know it's setup
try to run opengl demo by typing in 'glxgears' and you should a see a 3d renderer popup with gears moving around.

3.) Add the follow argument '-Djogl.disable.openglcore=false' to the startup script.
Find Usually it is put /usr/local/bin/, if you did the default install.

Find the line in /usr/local/lib/Protocase\ Designer/jre/bin/java -jar /usr/local/lib/Protocase\ Designer/jdesigner.jar
update it to
/usr/local/lib/Protocase\ Designer/jre/bin/java -Djogl.disable.openglcore=false -jar /usr/local/lib/Protocase\ Designer/jdesigner.jar

Hopefully this helps.


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