PD freezes while trying to save a new cutout.

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PD freezes while trying to save a new cutout.

Post by philliumo »

I'm trying to add a new cutout to mine and the online libraries and when I tried to generate the cutout from a CAD model the program froze. This is the second big lockup today with the first one happening while I was adding some cutouts to a panel, which was going fine until without warning it locked up. Even after freezing it still is using 15-20% of my CPU capacity.

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Re: PD freezes while trying to save a new cutout.

Post by mpyne »

Hello philliumo,

Sorry to hear you are having hard time with Protocase Designer. I'll try my best to help you and at the very least we can identify an issue to be fixed in a future release.

Would you mind sending me your debug log file. It may tell me why this is happening. Usually your debug.0.log logs can be found in your users documents folder under ProtocaseDesigner. For example mine is C:/users/mpyne/Documents/ProtocaseDesigner/. Also the best time to get these logs would be while you are having the problem.

Why it's constantly 15-20% cpu is most likely because ProtocaseDesigner will keep rendering at 60fps. Might be the reason. I have noticed this and wanted to fix it.

If there is any thing else you may want help with just let me know.


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