dxf does not import

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dxf does not import

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If you have a 2D dxf cutout you would like to use in designer, the latest version from our website should import it. Go to the cutout library manager (found either in the main application's menu or in the face editor's menu) and import from file. If this does not work, please forward the dxf file to info@protocase.com. DXF files are a very large and varied format - we do not yet have 100% coverage for the format but will add support for the file you send us (and get you a protocase pdc file containing the cutout as soon as possible).

Some things to note:
  1. protocase designer only looks at the first layer
  2. continuous lines make cutouts in designer
  3. hidden lines make construction entities in designer
  4. CENTERX2 lines make Exclusion zones in designer
Also note that we do not support 3D dxf files and have no plans to at this time.
--Douglas Ronne
Lead Developer

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