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How To Use The Cutout Editor

Posted: Thu Jul 08, 2010 11:11 am
by dronne
For a video tutorial, visit ... editor.php. The first video is about the cutout management system and the second is an example of how to make a cutout based on a spec for a part that will protrude through the case.

The following features are supported for the cutout editor:
  1. place rectangles, circles
  2. draw complex cutouts using a series of lines and arcs.
    • select line or arc to change what the current segment is
    • double click to draw a straight line to close the current path
    • placing an endpoint near the beginning will also close the current path
  3. edit paths by clicking on segments or endpoints
  4. delete paths, points, or segments
  5. snap to grid
  6. undo/ redo
The following limitations exist:
  1. cutouts may not overlap. This will make a cutout that does not place
  2. arrays of cutouts must be created manually
  3. no scaling option for resizing groups of cutouts simultaneously