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Known Bugs in 3.12g

Posted: Tue Mar 30, 2010 4:57 pm
by dronne
We believe we write quality software, however that cannot prevent some bugs from appearing in a large project. Here is a list of the known bugs in version 3.12g:
  • Occasionally the case dissappears in the 3D view.
    • resolution: save, close designer, open designer, load box
  • Very small flat panels don't appear when you initially create or open them.
    • resolution: Zoom Out and they appear
  • The silkscreen on one face can appear on another face in the 3D view:
    • How To Cause:
      1. place silkscreens on front and back of a UShape
      2. edit front face
      3. remove silkscreen
      4. import silkscreen (put front silkscreen back on)
      5. save face. now back silkscreen is on front instead of front silkscreen.
    • resolution:
      1. edit front face.
      2. save front face. now it is fixed
      • alternatively, save case and re-open.
  • The Silkscreen covers pems in face editor when there are no cutouts on the face.
    • Correct in 3D viewer
    • resolution: load your silkscreen after all PEMs and cutouts have been placed.