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Note on Cutout Placement and Material Thickness

Posted: Tue Dec 29, 2009 1:12 pm
by akirk
In the current version of Designer, you are not able to specify material thickness.

For U and L Shape enclosures, the default material thickness is 18 Gage (0.048"). For a rackmount, this is the same for 1U to 4U. At 5U and up, the material thickness increases to 16 Gage (0.06")

When submitting a file to production, you may include a note stating that you would like to change the material thickness.

However, when designing cutouts, the standoffs are pressed into the material, so for example, if you are using a half inch standoff, the standoff will be half an inch from the outside bottom and does not change from one material thickness to another. The inside dimension would, however.