Instant Quote and Purchasing

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Instant Quote and Purchasing

Post by joelgarvin »

First time user, I have designed a simple mounting bracket as a test and am trying to use the instant quote and purchase through the app features. I am getting a link error which Windows unhelpfully suggest I install a new app for. I am wondering if there are any known or recommended solutions.

Thank You!
Joel Garvin

Windows 11 Enterprise Build 22000
Protocase 5.8.0

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Re: Instant Quote and Purchasing

Post by mpyne »

Hello Joel,

First I would try instant quoting again because maybe it was just network issue.

If the issue persists I wonder if has to do with network file wall settings. Users that work behind a Proxy can have this issue. The suggested fix is explained here and look at item 8. ... e_Designer

Best regards and let me know if you need more help,

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