D-Hole Entered Properties

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D-Hole Entered Properties

Post by tegtmeyerm »

Why are D-hole cutouts specified in the property table as diameter/edge length? I can't say that I've looked at every data sheet specifying a D-hole but every one that I've run across specifies it as diameter/truncated width (ie width of the axis with the flat).

My current workaround (without having to do math) is to model the D-hole in FrontPage Designer, measure the flat, and then enter that dimension in Protocase Designer--which is tedious. Is there a technical reason for the way it is done now?

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Re: D-Hole Entered Properties

Post by mpyne »

Hello tegtmeyerm,

Not to my knowledge. It is a good suggestion to add for future releases. Other than doing out the math I don't really help full information.

Thanks for the feed back and I'll add this into your system to look into for future releases but I can't say when we will get to it.


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