Text Justification would be really useful.

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Chris Knudsen
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Text Justification would be really useful.

Post by Chris Knudsen »

Guests and fish... but here it goes anyway:

The one single thing that Altium (www.altium.com) has done right in the last 5 years is Text Justification.

https://www.altium.com/documentation/al ... perties-ad

When you place text, you are allowed to specify one of a 9-way justification property.

This is really useful for labels that should center on features (like the Y-coord of a LED or switch hole). Pretty good for labeling rotary switches as well.

This also makes it so that you no longer need to remember to run "Align" after changing the text contents, as long as the justification is set properly.

Also makes inspection (QA) of the panel easier to digest, because justified text will all have the same X or Y coordinates.
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Re: Text Justification would be really useful.

Post by mpyne »

Hello Chris,

I think this is cool idea. We added this to our development plan for the future.

It's cool how ideas from our users help us develop the software. :)


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