"L-Shape with Base Mounts" enclosure Issue

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"L-Shape with Base Mounts" enclosure Issue

Post by Louis »

I have an issue with the "L-Shape with Base Mounts" enclosure, which corresponds to the enclosure I need. In fact, their Base/Cover representation in Protocase Designer doesn't match.
Indeed, the cover shows 3 mountings holes on the sides; whereas the Base shows only one on the sides and two at the back.

I have a PCB of 6.55" x 5.5" to fit into the enclosure. In the Properties, I've defined a length of 7.0" (> 6.55"), a depth of 5.5" which excludes the 0.03" metal thickness (PCB shall fit perfectly between the frontplate and backplate), and a height of 3.9". When I edit the Bottom Inside face of the Base, I measure an internal Depth of 5.278", instead of 5.5". I tried other enclosures from your database and didn't see this problem.

How can I fix this without cheating on the depth in the Properties thumbnail and risk to order an enclosure which doesn't represent what I need?

Furthermore, I found out that the origin of the red X,Y,Z vertices in the "Inside" view of the "Bottom" "Inside" face of the "Base" doesn't seem to be positioned properly.

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Re: "L-Shape with Base Mounts" enclosure Issue

Post by Colin »

Hi Louis,

you're right, it seems like the cover has extra screws which does not have a corresponding pem on the base. This is a flaw in the model and I can tell you it won't be manufactured this way.

As you stated, the 'depth' parameter does not represent the depth of the base, but it is used to calculate the depth of the cover (which is actually depth +.030''). The internal depth of the base is going to be 'Depth - Cover Thickness - clearance gap between cover and base (.010'')'.

Like you said most of the other enclosures have a Height/Width/Depth that corresponds directly to the base; I'm not sure why this one is different.

Unfortunately, there is no work around other than 'cheating the depth', but I can assure you the enclosure you order will meet the specifications of the actual model, and not the thumbnail.

If you are more comfortable with the parameter design of the other enclosures, I would suggest you use an L-shape template to fit your PCB, and include a note that you would like base mounts on the model. Our design services team would gladly accommodate this, or any other design requests.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any more questions.


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