Problem with notes

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Problem with notes

Post by Bosef1 »

I am trying to update a personal cutout in the cutout library with a note, and the note does not appear to save to the cutout when I hit "Accept and Close". If I create a brand new cutout, and add it a note, the note is saved just fine. If I reopen a cutout and add a note, the note is not saved.

I am using Protocase Designer 4.4.8.

Please advise if you need a sample file, or further instructions to recreate the issue.

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Re: Problem with notes

Post by dronne »

I can see how this happens, we should be able to fix it. It only saves if there is a change that can be undone - that is how we detect that there is something to save.

For now, if you add a circle or something to your cutout, then it will be able to save, then you can delete that cutout and save again.

Sorry for the inconvenience!
--Douglas Ronne
Lead Developer

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