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Generalized Sheet Metal Designer

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2012 11:46 am
by dronne
I just wanted to ask a few questions of people about how they would imagine designing a 3 dimensional sheet metal part. In particular I'm interested in the opinions of people with no real CAD software experience.
  • If you wanted to make a bracket, could you imagine cutting out a flat pattern and adding bends or do you think it would only make sense if you were drawing the 3 dimensional part
  • If you were going to place the bracket or a small box inside your enclosure, how do you imagine placing it?
    • Do you imagine specifying points at which the two pieces are connected?
    • Would you want to free-hand drag it to position in 3 dimensions?
    • Would you prefer placing it precisely on one face in a 2 dimensional editor?
Thank you for your input,